How Is This Going To Work?

17 Jul

When I’m done reading a book, I’ll post about it. No matter how good or bad, memorable or forgettable, each will receive a post. The amount of verbiage depends on the qualities of the book and its impact on me, but the mere reading of each each will at least be memorialized here.

Generally, I’ll wait until I’m done with a book, and then post about it. To start, though, I’ll go back a few reads, because I don’t want to wait until I am done with my current book. Besides, it’s pretty lame, and it would be anticlimactic to announce this AWESOME NEW BLOG only to begin with such a pedestrian book. Also, I’ve read some good books already this summer. Sooo, for the first several posts, I will attempt to recreate what has been my summer reading list.

This is definitely not a literay site. I never took anything beyond required English classes in college. I also have no idea who the latest and greatest writers are. My exposure to literature is no more than the New York Times Book Review. This won’t be the place to come if you want amazing insights or the the newest books.

What you will get is regular updates, probably a few a week, about whatever it is I happen to be reading. Some nonfiction, mostly fiction, and, of that, some good, some mass market. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

Finally, I am only speaking for me. The Wife will be also be posting here. What she does is up to her.

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