The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

15 Apr

I enjoyed this not-about-baseball baseball book. It centers around an outstanding young shortstop – Henry Skrimshander – at a fictional mid-western university. The descriptions of the training and games are great. It got me even more excited than I already was about opening day, and inspired me to spend more time tossing pitches and hitting ground balls to my son. Even so, the book’s real story, revolves around the relationships between Henry, two teammates, the university president, and the president’s daughter. The book bordered on the ridiculous at times, especially the ending, but it’s one I will remember for a long time.

As an aside, I’ve recently and unintentionally read a lot of books set in or about – in a phrase from one of them – the mid f’ng west. That’s from Richard Russo’s That Old Cape Magic. There’s also been The Corrections and Freedom (I liked the former better) from Jonathan Franzen. Now this. Throw in recently watched movies Fargo, Cedar Rapids, and Presumed Innocent and I feel like I ought to be a Big Ten fan.

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Posted by on April 15, 2012 in Fiction


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