I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan

06 May

I recently read the Last Werewolf and enjoyed it enough to read this one. Contrary to what appears to be the majority opinion, I liked the Last Werewolf better.

Instead of being about, well, what it’s like to be the last werewolf, this one follows Satan for a month as he inhabits the body of a writer – Declan Gunn – who was in the midst of committing suicide when God decides to give Lucifer a chance at redemption by letting him animate Gunn for a month. It sounds original and interesting, but it never grabbed me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it had too many Britishisms. Or maybe it was Lucifer’s annoying habit of speaking in at least one parenthetical aside in almost every paragraph. It could also be the ridiculousness of the whole premise. But then, I don’t believe werewolves exist, either. It was worth reading, it just didn’t work like I thought it would.

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Posted by on May 6, 2012 in Fiction


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