Louisiana Power and Light by John Dufresne

26 Jun

The last of a Monroe, Louisiana clan, Billy Wayne Fontana, tries to find love, meaning, happiness and all that. In so doing, he wrecks himself and pretty much everyone he meets along the way.

I dunno about this book. The author is a creative writing professor somewhere in Florida. Both facts are obvious. The writing style is too consciously creative. Especially the author’s annoying habit of inserting himself into the story at the most jarring times as the voice of a narrator who is supposedly sharing some tall tales with us in the good ‘ol imaginary southern story telling fashion. Really, narrating in the second person is always a bad idea, unless there are two narrators. As for the author’s location, the name of the book’s setting is Monroe. The actual descriptions, though, are of south Louisiana and New Orleans. A common outside mistake, thinking what is true about South Louisiana is true of all of us. Still, if you can get by these annoyances, the story is pretty good.

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Posted by on June 26, 2012 in Fiction


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